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Policy Details:

On Pricing:
Resident Occupant lists start at $20/per thousand records with a minimum of $100.00.
Consumer lists start at $50/per thousand records with a minimum of $200.00.
Business lists start at $150/per thousand records with a minimum of $210.00.
Email lists will vary greatly depending on the source.

All the above lists may vary in price depending on the additional demographics selections.
There is an electronic processing charge between $35.00 and $75.00 depending on the charge the list owner charges me.    (This charge cover the cost to convert, reformat, export & transfer to customer or mail house.)

On Mailing Lists:
1. Returned mail pieces must be postmarked within 45 days of the date of purchase to qualify for the guarantee. Should you feel that you are having a deliverability issue, contact your sales rep immediately.
2. We have the right to verify the data that was purchased.
3. Return percentage based on the total number of records purchased.
4. Only one refund will be made per purchase.
5. Lists purchased for fax and email are not covered.
6. Refund payments will not be made in excess of the original list purchase.
7. Mail pieces that are refused by the addressee but contain an accurate address are not covered.
8. Only That List Lady, LLC standard business, consumer and occupant list are covered by this guarantee. For specialty databases check with your sales rep for any guarantee regarding that specific database.
9. 100% Data Guarantee is offered for a limited time only and can be ended, or modified, without further notice.
10. Please note that all parties agree that all aspects of this transaction are taking place in Pinal County, AZ courcourt.

On Print/mail projects
1 - All projects are to be paid in advance.
2 - If the project's final cost is less than quoted and paid for, client will be reimbursed by check within 30 days.
3 - There will be no refund in excess of the amount paid for the project.
4 - I do not guarantee a response of any mailing.


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~Anna Mae Wiersma
"That List Lady"

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